Meet the Algonath

The largest, most scalable independent investment analytics platform in the world.


Welcome to the Algonath, a platform built from the ground up to deliver world-class institutional analytics to any platform servicing retail investors, advisors, sophisticated investment managers and asset owners.

It merges together two powerful computational platforms: (1) a highly flexible, data agnostic computational complex crunching robust analytics on millions of investments globally and (2) one of the world’s most extensive, full-equilibrium global macro economic models covering 25,000 economic inputs and 1,800 factor outputs.

The result goes well beyond standard investment analytics. We can calculate an entire suite of highly insightful and understandable analytics on a full portfolio in less than 20 milliseconds. And we love a challenge, so bring us any request.

go beyond integration

Make your product better by embedding The Alogonath’s sophisticated analytics anywhere into your apps. We make it incredibly easy for you to retain control the user experience with
  • FinRiver™ On Demand Analytics via API for analytics anywhere, anytime
  • FinScope™ High Capacity Bulk Processing, to analyze everything, every night