Make risk a strength, not a weakness

Grow your business with FinScore Pro, the innovative way for your prospective clients to capture their risk tolerance simply and accurately without confusing forms and obscure numbers. Get an understandable and unambiguous agreement on risk from each of your clients and prospects. Demonstrate the value of your advice in a way that they can understand, even if they have no financial training.
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Shine the Light

The risk tolerance assessment process is the perfect time to have a candid and informative discussion about risk. Help them see how much risk they are comfortable taking and show them why it is important that they take that risk.

Build trust

Instead of confusing your clients with obscure psychometric questions, enlighten them with simple, interactive charts. Help them see and understand the value of your advice, even if they have no financial training. Build trust through understanding.

Protect your practice

Surprise magnifies emotional response by 400%. Have a conversation about market crashes now in a way that gives them confidence, not fear. Form a strong mental link between risk and reward that will carry them through the next decline.

Use risk tolerance as a way to promote investor understanding.

Give them the confidence to move forward with your advice.

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