Prospects That Are Leaning Forward

Lower your qualified client lead acquisition costs with an entirely new concept with the FinScore Widget’s advertising app that shows potential investors actual risk/reward profiles from your investment portfolios and lets them decide if any are attractive to them before they click.
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Find Leads in Need

We build an unobtrusive and effective native lead generation platform out of our innovative risk tolerance assessment process. Prospects can finally understand for themselves if they are mis-allocated and can self-select for your advice.

Easy to Understand

Simple, understandable charts show investors the link between risk and reward in a way they can understand. They can then see the value of your advice, particularly when compared to their current situation.

Simple to Integrate

We have built our widget from the ground up to be easy for you to implement. Deploys in just a few minutes using as little as one simple command. Many sizes, including a fully-functional calculator that fits in a right rail display ad slot.

Use risk tolerance as a way to promote investor understanding.

Give them the confidence to move forward with your advice.

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