Make your product even greater

To win the land grab, you need to put forward the best possible product you can...and fast. FinTech, advisor and other wealth management platforms can differentiate themselves quickly to win and retain more clients with FinRiver’s advanced analytics and proprietary data sets, delivered cost effectively via easy APIs that dramatically reduce time to market.
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Expand Your Analytics

Analytics are important, but expensive to build and maintain. Our business model is to use our scale to deliver you better analytics faster and at a lower cost. It’s the pleasure of a SaaS model built on easy to integrate, lightning-fast APIs.

Expand Your Coverage

Integrate one of the largest datasets in the industry. We have an individual analysis for almost every public asset in the world, including most options. Millions of them. Obscure municipal bond from West Texas? We’ve got it, including its sensitivity to oil.

Be a Fiduciary Hero

Support your clients’ fiduciary compliance with a full audit trail of each and every estimate and metric we provide, stored for at least 10 years. All analytics are rigorous and academically accepted. No shortcuts. It’s what your clients want and deserve.

Just a few of our more interesting analytics

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    Factor Exposures

    Aggregate and position-level global factor exposures. As simple as style boxes or as detailed as you can stand.

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    Scenario Analysis

    Realistic prospective scenarios in accordance with our full-equilibrium global macroeconomic model.

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    Fee Analysis

    Aggregate and position level fee analysis. Scoring by peer group and correlation.

Full portfolio analytical suite calculated in < 20ms
10,000 iteration Monte Carlo analysis calculated in < 50ms
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    Expected Return

    Factor-based expected return estimates that your clients can override on a factor basis.

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    Monte Carlo

    One of the fasted Monte Carlo engines in the world. Use 10,000 iterations and still have an awesome user experience.

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    Hybrid Histories

    Don’t drop assets from analysis because of a short track record. We estimate missing data with factor sensitivities.

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