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Bolster Your Analytics

Analytics are important, but they are expensive to build and maintain. Our calculation engine uses its scale to deliver better analytics, faster and at a lower cost. It’s the pleasure of a SaaS model built on easy-to-integrate, lightning-fast APIs.

Expand Your Coverage

Integrate one of the largest datasets in the industry. We have an individual analysis for every public asset in the world, including most options. Millions of them. Obscure municipal bond from West Texas? We’ve got it, including its sensitivity to oil.

Get to market faster

Our simple API puts any investment analytic anywhere in your product with just a few hand gestures. To win, you need rapid prototyping, rich A/B testing, and functional iteration. Our APIs are built to do just that and more. It’s like magic that saves you money.

The Algonath

A Modern Analytics Platform


700+ different analytics


Every public asset in the world


Average calc time of 20ms