Spot problems before they become problems

Protect your clients – and your business – with FinScope proactively screening millions of portfolios every night, flagging potential compliance problems before they become problems. When used in conjunction with FinScore Pro, identify portfolios that are likely to breach that client’s explicitly agreed upon loss level in a crash, severely decreasing your litigation exposure. It’s the most powerful screening metric on the market today.
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Defuse the bombs

Use one of the largest, most scalable independent investment analytics platforms to examine each of your portfolios every night. Ensure your client portfolios remain within their risk constraints. We notify you of the problems that need to be addressed and even send an email alert to the advisor.

Risk Can't Hide

The most powerful metrics in the business, including Monte-Carlo (percent success) and scenario stress-testing. Compare each portfolio’s estimated crash loss with the client’s bright-line agreement on risk. Never hear the dreaded phrase “I had no idea I could lose that much money.”

Full Audit Trail

Support your fiduciary compliance with a full audit trail of every estimate and metric, stored for at least 10 years. Rest assured knowing that we connect each estimate to the specific data available at that time and an academically accepted and best commercially viable estimate methodology.

Use risk tolerance as a way to promote investor understanding.

Give them the confidence to move forward with your advice.

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